Corona, CA

Diane Weklar

DianWeklarThe Weklar Business Institute’s team of experts is led by CEO, Diane Weklar. She has been igniting business growth and profits for 25 years, in the corporate and consulting arenas, as well as a serial entrepreneur. With this unique combination of industry insight, her forte is synchronizing strategic goals with all business functional areas to achieve peak performance. She is adept at identifying and pursuing aggressive growth opportunities in both strong and weak economic markets.

Diane is the author of: Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing, which provides practical insight for business owners and managers who need to raise capital. “A primary obstacle to business growth is financing — where to find it and how to get it,” states Weklar, “Mastering the Money Maze is a vital must read for any business or start-up venture trying to fund expansion. You will discover what lenders and investors really want and the specific steps you can take to win financing for your business.”

With the creation of the Weklar Business Institute, Diane’s focus on accelerating business growth is brought to fruition. By providing both online and onsite training  and coaching, business owners and managers now have access to the effective strategies and processes they need to build prosperous companies. The Weklar Business Institute offers a variety of services to businesses, including strategic execution, performance optimization, integrated marketing solutions, and obtaining capital.

In addition to consulting to a broad base of established companies, Diane’s background includes launching ventures which provide eCommerce solutions to government entities, a web-based recruitment portal, an energy advocacy group, as well as, co-founding the first company to provide corporate marketing and management tools to the legal industry.

In addition to heading the Weklar Business Institute, Diane is President of the Weklar Consulting Group, an international consulting firm providing both strategic and tactical business planning and execution programs, in addition to training and coaching to executives and managers.

An adjunct professor at the University of Redlands and sought-after advisor, she has lectured and written extensively for many organizations including the American Bar Association, the American Marketing Association, American Society of Electrical Engineers, the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Professional Services Marketing Association.

A true teacher, she uses real-life examples and cutting-edge research to provide innovative, step-by-step methods for success through her presentationstraining programs, and books. Diane has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.A. in Economics.